2019 Timeline

The Goldcoin Community is dedicated to building the most secure and valuable currency ever in existence. It’s “Hard Money” for the New Digital World


[Reverse Bitcoin Hardfork Whitepaper]

The whitepaper detailing the industry’s first Bitcoin Reverse Hardfork (RBH) will be published here on our website. Be sure to read the latest Medium Articleexplaining it.


[Ticker Symbol Change]

On February 27, during the planned Bittrex technical upgrade, the Goldcoin ticker will change from $GLD to $GLC. This will be followed be a ticker change on Altilly and Trade Satoshi. The Goldcoin unit of account will be updated to GLC during the next software release.

MAY 2019

[iOS Update]

TOGA Internet Solutions will be updating the GUI of its popular iOS app with all New Graphics for 2019! Goldcoin is one of a select group of cryptocurrencies that has been approved for placement in the App Store.


[Bitcoin Reverse Hardfork (BRH)]

The GoldCoin (GLD) Team will be “Reverse Hard Forking” the Bitcoin (BTC) Blockchain and merging current users onto the newly created Bitcoin chain. The newly merged chain will then become the official GoldCoin blockchain. The FAQ can be found here!


[Top Tier Exchange Listing]

After a full Spring and Summer of extensive fundraising, the Goldcoin Team, along with the backing of the Goldcoin Foundation, will help sponsor a Top tier Exchange listing to be decided by community vote.

2019 World Conference Tour Schedule

Promotion and “Confidence” are the two magic keys to success. It’s time to showcase our network and new client’s features by taking the show on the road. The team will begin a tour that will take them across North America, Germany, and to select International cryptocurrency conferences.

MAY 13-15, 2019


Consensus 2019


New York, NY

Team Rep:

Greg (MicroGuy) Matthews


Consensus is the annual gathering of the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology world. Since 2015, Consensus has attracted every major company, developer, founder and investor in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world to engage in an annual discussion about the future of the industry.


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